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Keyword-Stuffed Domain Name is Ranking-Driven or Not – Dilemma of Webmasters

Numerous strategies are adopted by online businesses to attain the success on web planet that they aspire for. Buying a keyword-rich domain name is considered one of them. It has been observed that when the time of buying a domain name comes, most of the webmasters remain in predicament of whether they should choose a keyword-stuffed domain name that can help them get better rankings on Google or a branded website which is more likely to get huge traffic to the site.

Since buying a domain name is first step to venturing out into the web world, it becomes vital to make a choice of right domain name. However, it is believed that domain containing keywords can help great to brand a website. In addition, it can better describe about the products and services that a website is offering. It is a well-known fact in SEO world that Google lays enormous emphasis in its rankings to domain names that incorporate the keywords that are being searched.

So if your domain name contains relevant keywords, then chances of your website of getting on the page 1 of SERPs will remain high as Google favors deliberately keywords- rich domains. Although, Google always deny such kind of nepotism, nobody can predict the ways Google works as their criteria to assess the relevancy of analyzing any website keeps on changing frequently in order to keep away gamers, spammers and hackers and now Google is now adopting more new signals to get their page ranking system more effective.

However, using a keyword-rich domain name essentially not a guideline as per “Google’s Webmaster Guidelines” which creates confusion in the mind of webmasters. But Google’s behavior shows that it always looks at using more vigorous signals like page rank, link-authority and keyword-rich domain names over the conventional signals like Meta tags, On-page optimization, etc. Nonetheless, other parameters like social networking, branding, and reviews can’t be ignored as they are considered vital to analyzing the credibility of a website by Google.

However, webmasters need to put in additional efforts to get higher rankings and adjust and formulate their SEO strategies more carefully.

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