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How To Make Viral Marketing Successful?

Viral Marketing has been a dream for the marketers. They try to find various methods to perform it and make their messages get viral. But rarely does it happen that they actually go viral.
Do you think that viral marketing has any kinds of secrets associated with it?
According to the founder of a marketing and advertising firm Thinkmodo, you should be consistent with posting interesting, unique and entertaining content that has the potential to go viral. He further says that his videos often with a question mark and that is one of the strategies that can keep a customer engaged.

He elaborated that he has a sort of consultation with the company they undertake the campaign of. After that they form a concept based on the targets that the company has set for themselves. It includes the positioning too. Later on, entire advertising campaign is take over by his advertising firm and the client have a little input in it.
He has many successful campaigns to his credit including the Shaving Helmet campaign. In many of his campaigns he has achieved up to 50% increment in sales. He has also created videos with record number of views. Talking of secret associated with viral marketing, he stresses that there are secrets. The first one is that viral campaigns cannot be repeated. He also stresses the presence of a campaign; otherwise there would be no viral effect.
He also stressed that he uses fake scenarios in his videos to engage the audience and it is not bad as long as you can grab the attention and engage them.

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