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Worldwide Social Media Links Adoption Trends: Facebook’s “Like” Button Still on Top Followed by Twitter Google “+1″ Catching Up Fast

Recently the trend of adoption of social plugins by top websites was surveyed. Surprisingly Google +1 button reportedly saw the biggest growth; it was up 1% in just a month’s time. Whereas Facebook’s “like” button ranked no. 2 in terms of growth rate with an increment of 0.3%. Twitter’s “share” button saw a rise of only 0.1%. In a survey performed on top 10,000 websites, it was revealed that Facebook still dominated the space of popular social plugins with a formidable 10.8% share occupied by Facebook “Like” button. The Facebook “Like” box was installed by a mere 6.1%, whereas the adoption market share for Twitter share button was at 2.1% and that of Twitter Instant Follow plugin was 1.3% only.


In the month of July, 4.5% of the top websites have adopted the Google +1 button. Though, it was nowhere near the figure of 10.8% of the websites that have “like” button, but still Google +1 button saw a biggest surge in a span of just one month. Speculation is rife that it may be due to the news of launch of the Google+ social network; however both are completely different phenomena.

Survey also studied the onsite adoption of social links and as a global trend it was found that 51% of the top websites had no social network link at all. Out of surveyed 10,000 sites most of the websites that had social links were linked to either Facebook or Twitter basically. All of the social media sites saw an increment in links except YouTube.

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