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Useful Web Design Trends

Web designing is all about representing the most complex ideas into the simplest layout that can interact with the viewers within shortest span of time. Every year some new trends are added to the existing ones in order to give an out-of-the box design that can spell bound the visitors. So, let’s take short trip to the best 5 web designing trends for year 2016.

  • Fixed-Position Navigation

Although this trend was dropped out in the year 2010-11, but in the past few months, it has been renaissance again. If your website does not have a lot of main navigation, then you can provide few small links that can be visible on every web page. This fixed position navigation can significantly change the performance of the website. Here, the main conception is to keep the navigation bar as well as internal links locked at one place and the entire content can be easily scrolled by the visitor.

  • Mobile compatibility

Today, most of the internet users have switched to mobile phones from laptops and PCs. Thus, making mobile compatible websites is must to achieve exceptional growth in business.

  • Flash OUT, HTML5 IN

Even though, Flash has no competition, especially for interactivity still CSS3, JQuery and HTML5 have created a place in web designer’s heart. Real time communication and multimedia support are the two main inventive features of these flourishing technologies.

  • Intro of 3D technology

2012 has just stepped in its second quarter and 3D technology has already made its place on various websites. The effect of 3D technologies ranges from rich textures to shadows. Almost web designers are concentrating on visual rich applications to deliver highly interactive web layouts.

  • Bright colors and flowing background

In 2012, bright colors and flowing backgrounds have taken place of traditional black and white colors. This trend is taking the visitors and customers to an innovative style of surfing the website.

Afore mentioned are the top 5 web designing trends in 2012. So, keep designing and keep exploring.

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