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What our clients say?

This is just a quick note to thank you for all you’ve done in my website.
I commend you for updating it, making convections, etc. in a very competent manner.
Also, you have proven yourself in an even more challenging area – that being positioning through the search engines. I was happy to see myself on the 1st page of the major engines; such an important essential in Internet Marketing.
Dr. Roger N. Carlsten, DDS
I am very happy with the service I have received from Western Softwares. And I started seeing results almost immediately. They are awesome!
Dr. Sandip Sachar, DDS
Thank you for what you have accomplished with our web site. Since you have made the changes we have noticed a marked increase in the number of enquiries we receive form potential students. This has I believe has increased our enrolment by at least 15%. Due to this increase in business, we are discontinuing our subscription to a site that in the past provided us with leads, amounting to a saving of on average $2000.00 a month. I have also been impressed with your professionalism, and integrity, as a provider of service to us. I would certainly recommend your services to others wishing to raise the ranking of their site.
Ed Mooney (Principal)
I have been using the services of Western Softwares for over one year now, with excellent success. Western softwares ensure us a great position on Google search engines. We used to spend thousands per month on radio ads. Now for a fraction of the cost Western Softwares has provided us with powerful marketing tools reaching out to target patient. Patient that need a dentist in their location. Business has increased dramatically. Western Softwares, keep up the great work.
Joel Kringel, Manager Apple dental
I had recently developed my website and was dissatisfied with the amount of response it was generating. After subscribing to Western Softwares program for organic search engine improvement, I have become more aware than ever about how powerful the internet is as a resource to people looking for a service. They worked with me to develop the list of phrases and words that I wanted to be most prominent in the searched. I am very happy with the response my newly designed website is generating and in large part this is due to the hard work of Western Softwares.
Dr. T. Ozanic, DDS