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Monthly Search engine performances: Bing and Yahoo up against Google

According to a latest survey Google was used for 65% of all searches in the American region. This survey was conducted in the last week of August 2011 for the month’s trends. There was significant rise in Microsoft’s search engine Bing’s performance with the power search use at 29% of all searches. Yahoo and Bing have recently closed a deal, but if we assess the results separately Yahoo attracted 16% search traffic whereas Bing accounted for 13%.
In a significant finding the rest of the 64 search engines in the Analysis report accounted for nearly 6% all American searches. We can imagine how powerful position the top three search engines held in the USA. It also indicates that it is very tough to enter the search engine market for anybody at this moment.

So overall the drop in Google’s share saw a drop of 1%, Bing-powered search saw a rise of 3% and Yahoo picked up by 5%. Individual performance of Bing improved by1%. In a new development a new search trend was also recorded and it was the use of longer search queries. Instead of one to two keywords the search engines saw strings of five to eight words or more, and the trend recorded a 3% rise on monthly performances.

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