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Google’s Determination to Modify and Globalize its Social Search

Google which lagged behind in social media search until now has awakened to the reality and announced via its official search blog that it is going to launch an ambitious social search around the globe. It comes following Bing’s announcement of tie up with Facebook by integrating its social data in much more elaborate ways, so that you can have an overview of your profile just by search the Bing’s SERP result. This search would be very close as far as relevancy is concerned, as it will not show the data, likes and updated from strangers.

Google software engineer Yohann Coppel says, “For example, if you’re looking for information about low-light photography and your friend Marcin has written a blog post about it, that post may show up higher in your results with a clear annotation and picture of Marcin.”

Social Search can help you find pages your friends have created, and it can also help you find links your contacts have shared on Twitter and other sites. If someone you’re connected to has publicly shared a link, we may show that link in your results with a clear annotation,” says Coppel. “So, if you’re looking for information about modern cooking and your colleague Adam shared a link about Modernist Cuisine, you’ll see an annotation and picture of Adam under the result. That way when you see Adam in the office, you’ll know he might be a good person to ask about his favorite modern cooking techniques.”

So it is evident that they are now focusing on relevancy of search results. Till now Google lagged behind in friend’s content and relevancy according to friends. There was one big fault in Google’s social search strategy apart from the lack of comprehensive Facebook integration and that was the lack of a substantial amount of your actual closest friends and relevant content.

Though it is true that social search can not only be a signal of relevance on a personalized level, but proper integration with shared content will surely add to quality. It is also true when it comes to searching your social media, you cannot control the strings, as different search engines keep on practicing different strategies.

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