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Google Surpasses 1 Billion Visitors Per Month

Becomes No. 1 globally and No. 2 in U.S. after Yahoo

According to what statistics and survey report claims it is safe to say that Google’s an Internet giant now. Google and associated Google sites have surpassed 1 billion unique monthly visitors, based on comScore data for May 2011. Microsoft is number two followed by Facebook, Yahoo, then Wikmedia.

Top Web World

These are the global figures. com Score’s Media Metrix top web properties in the US looks a little different, with Yahoo leading the charge, followed by Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and AOL.

But Google is spreading beyond just Google.com and mobile phones with Android platforms are contributing a lot to the overall size and popularity of Google with frequent use of its Chrome web browser and Chrome OS, and every page where someone has embedded a YouTube video. Then there are all of the sites using site search, Google Apps, etc. which makes Google an international giant.

Comscore Top50

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