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Google reported huge profits in Q3, focuses on Google+ now

Google has reported a $9.7 billion year over year increment in its earning during Q3. In a report Google’s CEO Larry Page praised the performance of Google+, saying that it already has more than 40 million users and is booming at an unbelievable pace. His brief address after releasing Q3 results was dedicated mainly to Google+.

Larry Page expressed excitement over the product development Google+ has gone through and he informed that over 100 news features have been added to the giant social media of Google. He informed that the level of engagement was too high and 3.5 billion photos were uploaded on Google+ during past few weeks.
On an optimistic note, he said the he was expecting more intervention of technology and that the look of Google+ would be quite different within five years. He also informed that there are 200 and 190 million users for Google Chrome and Android respectively and Google maps were being used in more than 120 countries. Their employee strength has gone up to nearly 32,000. He said Google was on a hiring spree for better talents.
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