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Google Partners with Bazaarvoice and PowerReviews to Expand the Reach of its +1 Button

Google engineers and product developers are actually working hard to make their +1 button acquire more features similar to Facebook’s “like” button. Previously +1 button was being used to indicate the quality and usability of the searched content. But now you can share the same content with your circles and friends. Google is busy promoting +1 button’s benefits to online retailers in a bid to make it even more widely used e-commerce tool.

According to Google engineers, they are quite positive about +1 button and the power of personal recommendations it has. They know that when it comes to making any purchase decision, people generally put great emphasis on friend’s suggestions and recommendations. And when a company has a Google +1 button on its product pages, you can very well also see your friends who might have recommended it. The visitors have now have an option to click it to recommend to their friends.

Bazaarvoice and PowerReviews will make it easier to get the +1 button on the pages of website owners, because these companies have tremendous exposure to social commerce. That is the reason they can help you develop the proper plan for implementing +1 buttons on your site. They are already busy making it easier for retailers to benefit from Google + button.
This would involve your friends and acquaintances in your purchase decision in a way that was never tried before.

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