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Google looking into preceding its own contents on search engines

Google now sets new targets to boost it ads campaigns even more. This is by the new feature that has turns heads by referring that Google will now prioritize its own contents over others. A great controversial topic that all are debating about, Google’s new move will surely be a bad one for many that use Goggle as a part of their marketing work inevitably and every now and then.

Google touted to be an internet giant or an epitome in search engines, saying Google will now prioritize its own contents will simply be shaking for many. But, with people having a biased say about the same, some say is Google the only platform that one can use while others say that it is one of the platforms, with an exaggerated hype behind its name.

Always keeping up with the alternating algorithms has been a popular practice of webmasters and all users. But, will this one change the scenario entirely or will Google continue living it legacy as always. Well, saying anything on this would be making a comment too quick, so lets wait and see what this new venture of Google will finally result into- a favorable one or a deteriorating one.

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