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Google Launches www.wdyl.Com For “Different Kind of Search Experience”

Google has finally launched its “different kind of search experience.” The much talked about project was underway from a long time. According to Google’s Andy Berndt they wanted to make a tool which can enhance search results quality and provide some information to the user which could be interesting and hitherto unknown to him. It would have to be relevant and fun at the same time. They produced a website “what do you love?” (http://www.wdyl.com/#.)

It shows you how Google products can show you different things about any particular search query. At the first sight, it looks like a kaleidoscope as different Google products are shown in the search results showing some or the other information about the search query. You can type in anything that interests you and search results will reveal a host of information which may give you some more insight into it.

The results pages on http://www.wdyl.com show you a graphical interface for results in Image Search, Maps, Google Trends, Google Alerts, YouTube, Patent Search, Blog Search, Product Search, Google News, Sketchup, Books, Picasa, Google Translate, Google Mobile Search, Google Earth, etc. It also has boxes for various Google tools. As far as social networking is concerned, you can share results pages via Gmail, Google Buzz, or the +1 button. Even Gmail would be integrated into the whole experience as it would also show you the ways to email someone in your desired category, if there is something which you might have put in Google search fields.

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