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Google+ Emerging as the Biggest Social Network of all Times

Google + has been around for just one month but it has already started generating traffic as compared to the social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is extremely surprising as the product is still in its testing phase and has not been launched officially.


Recently Larry Kim, Founder and CTO of WordStream, has revealed that Google+ is already ahead of LinkedIn in terms of traffic generation for his company and it is trying to catch up with Twitter and Facebook soon. He has released a web analytics report for his company, Word Stream that clearly indicates that social networks are driving the maximum referral traffic and Facebook alone is responsible for 47% of their overall visitor base, followed by Twitter at 27% and Google+ was at third place driving 15% traffic which is unimaginable for a social network, which is not yet been launched. LinkedIn was at fourth place with 9% traffic.
Google+’s has around 20 million users and it is likely to beat LinkedIn’s 100 million user base as a social network driving traffic to your website. It is spam free and has a higher level of engagement.

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