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Facebook Launched a New Social Plugin, “Send” Button

The social media player, Facebook keeps on experimenting new ways for adding newest valuable features aimed at enhancing the networking experience of its users across the world. Social Media has been becoming a buzz around the world because of the prominent position it is enjoying today in the lives of people. To enhancing the way people interact on web planet, all major search engines including Facebook have been putting lots of efforts to serve user beyond their expectations.

Facebook Send Button

It is often observed that while surfing on web, people who come across certain very interesting or important things or content feel an ardent need to share such things with their friends or contacts.

To meet such needs of users, Facebook has launched a new social Plug-in, called the “send” button. Very much like the “Like” button before it, this plug-in has the potential to drag the traffic to content. The basic difference between the two is that where the “like” button is to publicly share something with the near dear ones by publishing it to news feed or profile, the “send” button is designed for more personal sharing and communication, to let users share content or a link with desired contacts as a private Facebook message, email or Facebook group post.

Thus, now users can directly send something to a specific group of people or to a particular person.

“We designed the Send button to be used alongside the Like button,” says Facebook’s Abe Parvand. “By including both on your website, people will have ability to broadcast the things they like and also send it to specific people.”

“The Send button drives traffic by letting users send a link and a short message to the people that would be most interested,” he says. “They don’t need to leave the web page they’re on or fill out a long, annoying form. Compared to the alternatives, the Send button has fewer required steps, and it removes the need to look up email addresses by auto-suggesting friends and Groups.”

The best part of this social plug-in is that it has the potential to be clicked as much as like button. Important thing which is to consider is that the content that you are going to send a specific person must be useful and relevant to that person. In addition, it is worthwhile to send link to someone in your circle of friends who cares what you like.

The utility that this social plug-in is going to offer would definitely inspire more and more publishers, marketers, and site-owners to get it on their websites.

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