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Earning money through Google AdSense

Google has added another interesting feature in the form of Google AdSense that seems to present profitable proposition to websites with quality content. It is known that Google earns revenue by allowing advertisers to place ads on its search result pages. Now what it is proposed to do through Google AdSense is share this revenue with other online publishers by placing the same ads on their sites.

What exactly is Google AdSense?
It is free program launched by Google by means of which website owners can make money by publishing relevant Ads on their sites.

How to get started?
The websites need to be registered with the program in order to display text, video or image ads on their websites. It is totally upon the discretion of Google to accept your site for Google AdSense and follows certain policies which are to be adhered to gain acceptance. Once you get accepted, the Google will provide a HTML code that you could paste on any page of your site.

How does it work?
Google pays the website owners a certain percentage of the ad revenue to the online publishers if the ads are clicked. The amount that a website owner can earn also depends on other factors such as amount of targeted traffic, placement of ads, relevance of the ads, etc.

So if your site’s content have high relevancy with the ads, then there are chances of more clicks per ad which will earn you handsome revenue from Google AdSense.

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