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Duplicate Content and Different Languages content for a website

With the day and night hard work, finally your brand has become a brand. You have a global identity now and have presence in 3 major countries. Now, when you have a huge clientele in all 3 countries, you need to regularly update the content on your online profile to maintain the excitement and reliability. But, as the native languages of these 3 countries are completely different from each other, it become quite confusing for you whether to put the same content on each site or not.

Relax!! As the confusion has been cleared by the very own head of Google’s webspam team, Matt Cutts.  When asked by a user “Will multilingual translations of one [piece of] content across different websites attract [a] duplicate content penalty?”  His answer was a clear cut “NO”.  In continuation he said “The same content in English is different than the same content in French. So, if you had identical content in English, and then in English again, in theory, that’s duplicate content, and we might only want to return one copy of the English content. But if you have English here and French here, it’s really quite different.”

To be more precise he said that one need to avoid the usage of auto-translate feature of Google as this procedure would be considered as spamming. For instance, it is completely ok to write content in English and then translate it manually in French or any other language. This translated content never counted as duplicate. Whereas if you generate a copy in English and then translate it with the assistance of any translating tool available online then that can be considered spamming. Because the key ingredient of the content is auto-generated, hence it has not had a human touch to check out the idioms, proverbs etc. So, it’s recommended by Matt Cutts that in spite of just use the translating tools and paste the auto-generated content make sure that you have good, relevant and informatics content on every website.

Relaxed!! Aren’t you?? Of course, you are. But again, there’s a small query popping-up in your mind regarding the blog post over the home page. Does Google count the blog post posted on home page of a website as Duplicate Content?? Here, the answer is again a big “NO”.  As per Mr. Matt Cutts, it’s good to post the blog over the home page of your website but if you post a synopsis or a paragraph instead of the entire blog post on the home then it would be considered more relevant, good and refreshing.

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