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Don’t allow your campaign to be a part of noise on Social media

A very high number of companies are using social media for marketing, but in the meantime social media is losing its face, the very purpose it was made for; and that was interaction. Companies don’t care about interaction because everybody is busy posting their blogs, pictures and links. Interaction is lacking everywhere.
C.C Chapman of Digital Dads has recently launched his book “Content Rules.” In this excellent book he has actually listed down certain rules for videos, blogs, webinars and other tools to interact with the audience without sacrifice commonsense and personal touch. According to him, people buy from people and not through automated posts, media onslaught or smart machines.

So, it is important for the marketers to not allow their dialogue with the customers on social networking sites, lose its sheen. Too much commercialization and companies losing face amidst these campaigns has made customers furious. They do not even bother to read some posts even. The Facebook page looks like a Metallica concert, where everybody is shouting with their megaphones.
According to Chapman, he asserts that businesses should exist and they should exploit social media as a tool for marketing, but what is needed is to make their campaigns more humane and user-friendly. They should answer the queries and interact with the audience. It needs a fair amount of efforts, some basic common sense, basic manners, and a good product above all to attract the people to connect.

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