SEO and Readability Balancing Each Other

Walking with balanced things is what life desires. Several times you hear regarding balanced budget in news, doctors suggesting for balanced diet, and loads of other things which need to be balanced in one’s everyday life. Similarly, article writing and marketing also need balancing. In article marketing one of the most challenging acts is creating a balance between search engine optimization and readability. Well the striking thing is to satisfy the updated algorithm of search engine besides coming up with creative, interesting and readable articles.

Here are some points to consider while balancing SEO with readability.

Conscious stuff:
When you are writing for the sake of search engine optimization, there is a need to inflate the keywords several number of times as to hold a position in the eye of search engines. If the keyword stuffing in your article is too much, then the reader experiences it and leaves your article, as he doesn’t find anything interesting or informative in your article. So it is advice to take care of the number of times keyword is being used in the article diverting it in a natural flow.

Less number of keywords:
Articles going off the topic, wherein not being focused on the keywords targeted may not be recognized by search engines thus it will not index it. This type of article may seem easy to read but they cannot drag potential reader due to lack of optimization.

Article should be readable and SEO friendly:
When you are writing an article it should be taken care to make it readable and before submitting one must check its readability. While reading if it doesn’t sound natural then modify it till it comes out with natural flow. This is because an article without readability is worthless.

These are some of the tips that will help you to create a balanced SEO and readability article.

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