Rebuild your online reputation; hire a reputation advocate

Steven Wyer, an online reputation advocate came out with his own story where his business was ruined due to online defamation and false rumors. He was quite successful in financial industry and ran 3 companies, when this unexpected thing happened. He was caught in litigation and some false documents were posted online leading to his defamation and loss of prestige online.
He tried hard to counter it and later on the rumors as well as the documents were proven to be false. But the damage was already done; he could not bring his clients back. His reputation became a thing of the past without any fault of his own.

This problem then came into the limelight and many a people questioned the responsibility of the search engines as how a report or false defamation campaign could run successfully without any check by the search engines, ruining the lives of many. Steven Wyer and a few others do not blame the search engines, as there is very little that can be done in this direction.
He is here to help such people who have been a victim of online defamation and false rumors. He has also written a book, “Violated Online: How Online Slander Can Destroy Your Life & What You Must Do to Protect Yourself.” He says that there is no single solution that works as a remedy for online defamation but a person should fight for his rights and should keep a vigil on what is being said about him online.

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