Give wings to your expertise with Yahoo Contributor Network

Yahoo and Facebook are well known internet giants which consistently have been retooling their websites and always bring something exciting for their users worldwide. Subsequently one more stimulating feature which Yahoo brought recently for people is “Yahoo Contributor Network”. As its name signifies it is intended to get contributions from people who are perhaps unacknowledged or already rewarded writers, photographers, or videographers. Yahoo has launched this emerging platform for creative minds to display their creativity. This launch seems a great stratagem of Yahoo against content. And in this regard, Yahoo is expecting response from around more than 40000 writers. Interestingly Yahoo has decided to reward selected ones in monetary or non-monetary terms.

The new platform is to invite all Yahoo users to share their point of views and creativity on the most popular websites of Yahoo such as Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! Finance, omg!, Shine, and even the Yahoo! homepage. These platforms will give them the unparalleled opportunity to reach the vast audience on the internet with the topics which appeal them the most.

Now perhaps the question which would have ringing in your mind is that how to enroll yourself to become a part of such a big community. Simply fill out the form, given on the linked website of ”Yahoo!Contributor Network” which will ask you to fill some basic information like your name, pen name, mail Id, interests etc.After getting enrolled you need to understand the do and don’ts about the content submissions, some of which are mentioned below:



And if you are already an Associated Content Contributor, it is rather easier to indulge. Sign in to the Yahoo! Contributor Network using your accessible username and password and continue to share your creativity, with an enormous audience. So, it can be said that it is an incredible opportunity for those who can really create a difference with their words or expertise around the world.

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