New Webmaster Tools from Bing

Microsoft has announced to offer an updated version of Bing Webmaster Tools, a preview of which was held at SMX Advanced Conference in Seattle. It is no cost toolset for webmasters and search engine optimizers which has been developed to include more useful data and will provide a comprehensive knowledge on how Bing works.

Though new Bing toolset is primarily web based but installation of Microsoft Silverlight 4.0 browser plug-in will enable a fresh experience to the users.

The three key features of the new Bing Webmaster Tools are Crawl, Index, and Traffic. Webmasters will have access to information of past six months on each of them and dynamic charting facilities will allow them to keep a track on time line trends.

Index Explorer is a new feature that enables a tree-view of all the crawling and index data of websites to webmasters.

Bing Webmaster Tool will also have some interesting elements like “Submit URLs” and “Block URLs” that will perform some useful functions as may be desired by the webmasters.

This is just a brief introduction gathered from the preview and the real experience will come only once it is formally introduced.

June 17, 2010 at 2:48 am | WebMaster Tool | No comment

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