Using Linkedin to Create Online Identity for Oneself and The Business

For those active on social networking sites, must be having knowledge about LinkedIn and its potential benefits but those who are still unfamiliar with the term, it is necessary is share that LinkedIn is a social networking site with emphasis on developing professional networks through a mutual exchange of professional ideas, opinions, viewpoints. It can also be used to share company information.

In this write-up, we will briefly discuss what practices one should follow to utilize LinkedIn for professional development and online business growth:

Create a LinkedIn profile:  No matter whether you are a student, working professional, business owner or just a fresher, it is necessary to be associated with LinkedIn by creating your Profile to realize the benefits that it offers in terms of online exposure enabling you to grab the right professional opportunities.

Have a complete Profile: Do not leave anything in the Profile unfinished and provide as much information as you can related to your education, experience or any other relevant information.

Show who you are: Add a picture to your profile for your identity as it increases the chances of recognition and will help you connect with others easily. Someone may not remember you by name but you face may help him/ her to form a connection.

Customize your URL: LinkedIn allows you to customize the URL depicting information about or the company clearly and in a professional way.

Be responsive and develop connections: By this, it is implied that if you are asked a question, you must provide the answer as it not only installs credibility but also help you create more connections. Similarly you can ask questions to gain valuable information.

Send Connection requests: Sending a link request to people with whom you wish to establish a professional contact is a good way to increase your connections. But be careful before sending a request and make sure that the person to whom you are inviting knows you otherwise you may get unwanted “I don’t know this person” clicks.

Recommendations: It is beneficial to get recommendations on your profile as they work as references.

Labeling the Outbound Links: It is important that the links provided to you must be appropriately labeled to enable the best result from them.

Be a part of various related Groups: Joining Group/s helps in establishing a relationship with large number of professionals who share similar interests.

Job Listings: LinkedIn provides companies to list jobs which may get them the right candidate for a particular job which otherwise may involve a long and cumbersome recruitment process.

List Your Company: A business owner can provide the details of his business and get listed in the Company category of LinkedIn.

Toolbars: Toolbars help you get a LinkedIn icon to a person’s email ID from where you can see the profile and send an invitation.

So with LinkedIn, you can get the benefits in a give and take form as the more you provide, the more you get in return.

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